What is Serviced Accommodation?

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The concept of serviced accommodation is a relatively new one, having only hit the scene over the last couple of decades. A lot of people are unaware of what this sort of property offers, how they can get their hands on it, and why they would want to in the first place, leaving them to miss out on the benefits of serviced accommodation. This article is here to put an end to that, giving you all you need to inspire you to start hunting for your perfect place.


What is it?


Serviced accommodation fills a gap between traditional hotels and rented property. Instead of being part of a large complex owned by one company, you will often find apartments like this on their own or in small groups. Unlike a place you’d rent over a long period, though, you will still be treated to a level of service similar to what you would find in a hotel.


Variable Stays: Long and short term stays are perfectly acceptable in serviced accommodation.


Luxury Services: Pools, cleaning staff, and even meals are provided when you stay in a place like this, with many examples having their unique features.


Privacy: Serviced accommodation is excellent for those who’d like to avoid the busyness of a hotel.


Where can you find it?


As time goes by, serviced accommodation is becoming increasingly popular. Flexible Stays offer creatively designed and beautiful homes throughout the Midlands, but you can find this sort of place in almost any city or town around the world. It’s always worth looking for a company with experience and a good track record behind them. Your trip is essential, especially when you choose an accommodation which promises such luxury.


Why should you book?


Picking accommodation like this is a step which a lot of people struggle to take, worried about straying from the regular breaks which they enjoy. In reality, though, you’ll find it hard to vacation using any other method after you’ve tried a serviced apartment, with the benefits of this option far outweighing those which come with a traditional hotel.


Affordability: Thanks to their high populations, a lot of hotels take a beating each season. This means that you often pay for something which doesn’t end up reflecting the brochure you picked it from. With having to pay for the fanciest hotel around, serviced accommodation gives you the chance to enjoy the best for less.


Locations: Hotels are often found in busy city centers or tourist hotspots, making them inadequate for those who want to soak up a touch of local living. Serviced apartments don’t force you to stay with the crowd, giving you the chance to choose exactly where you’d like to spend your break.


Comfort: It’s far more comfortable to stay in a home which was designed for living than it is to stay in a hotel. Not only will it feel more like home, but you will also benefit from the careful attention to detail which has gone into putting it together.


Serviced accommodation is becoming more popular all the time, and this is for very good reason.

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