How we can help landlords

  • Are you a landlord or know someone that is?
  • Would you like to earn more passive income?
  • Is your rental income less than what it used to be or would just like more?
  • Are you unsure what to do what with all the tax and regulation changes?

As you may be aware, there is a lot of uncertainty in the property market today and the new tax/legislative changes have made Buy-To-Let harder and unsustainable for many landlords like yourself. One of these is Section 24 which in effect causes your tax liability to be calculated on turnover rather than on profit, ultimately meaning that more landlords are being pushed into the higher tax bracket and paying more in tax.

Another of these includes the compulsory redress scheme which forces you to register in order to resolve tenants’ issues.
The Right to Rent has also been introduced which again forces you to make copies and checks of official documentation to ensure the tenant has the legal right to live in the UK before any contract is signed. If this is done incorrectly or not at all then it carries a £3,000 fine!

It’s no wonder then that with the growing demand and popularity of flexible accommodation, it’s seeing an increasing number of landlords letting their properties as flexible accommodation. Which generates a much higher return than with regular Buy-To-Let and avoids the issues above.

We’re here to help you and provide a hands-free management service for landlords like yourself and a unique stay for our guests.
If you would like to find out more about how this works and join the other landlords then simply get in touch on 0115 784 6816 or email at contact-us@flexiblestays.co.uk.

How hands-free is the management?

We believe that you should have the choice over how hands-off you would like to be. Our no hassle hands-free management service will mean that you’re able to step back and watch it run on auto-pilot. We will ensure that all the systems and processes are being managed for you.
For a more in-depth chat about this please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0115 784 6816 or email at contact-us@flexiblestays.co.uk.

Where do you currently operate?

Currently we’re only operating in the midlands area, mostly Nottingham and Leicester. But are planning on scaling up to offer this opportunity to the rest of the UK.

How can you ensure that only responsible guests are allowed to stay?

We ensure to do everything in our power to screen guests prior to their arrival/booking to ensure that your property will be taken care.
This includes ID checks, credit card checks, T&Cs and an enquiry into stay along with follow up during stay.

What if there is damage within the property?

Although this is relatively rare, the cleaners will usually be first on scene and will report any damages to us. At which point we will immediately make yourself aware and resolve it as soon as possible.

Do you allow pets to stay?

No we do not allow pets to stay at the property as there is the potential for further damage and mess.

Missed something out?

If you feel that there is something that we haven’t already mentioned and would like to know the answer to, please get in touch on 0115 784 6816 or email at contact-us@flexiblestays.co.uk.